Poor loves…

The Metropolitan Police acted lawfully when they “kettled” three teenagers during the tuition fee protests in London, the High Court has ruled.
Adam Castle, 16, his sister Rosie, 15, and Sam Eaton, 16, all from north London, were held at Trafalgar Square on 24 November for about seven hours.

They said their human rights had been breached, but judges dismissed their claims for damages.

The judges said the Met’s action was “necessary, proportionate and lawful”.

The court heard at an earlier hearing that the teenagers were among 10 friends who gathered with thousands of others at Trafalgar Square during the demonstrations.

Martin Westgate QC, appearing for the teenagers, said children were consistently asking the police to be released but not being permitted to leave.

Outside court, Adam said: “We were punished for protesting and everyone was left demoralised. It was one of the coldest days of the year and we had not been prepared for being held into the night.”

Well, he shouldn’t have forgot his fleece then eh?

Punished… Got to love them eh?


5 responses to “Poor loves…

  1. Precocious brats. Just who paid for the QC?

  2. Another ‘genuine’ use of legal aid or did the parents of the teenagers, so upset at the inhumane treatment of their perfect offspring, re-mortgage their houses to pay the legal fees? Strange that no one has said one way or the other. Anyway, why weren’t the little oiks in school/college and did their parents even know where they were? A job for those social worker supersleuths methinks!

  3. Very odd how no one points the finger at the violent and criminal “protestors” for the need to “kettle” anyone in the first place. For some reason it’s fine for “protesters” to attack people, throw petrol bombs, smash up shops and steal stuff, deface war memorials etc etc but bang out of order for police officers to stand in a circle ? Riiiiight.

  4. I spelt protesto/ers two different ways there….not sure what’s right…dyslexic moment soz…

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