UN peacekeepers?

Defiant: Travellers hoist the UN flag at Europe's largest traveller site Travellers hoist the UN flag at Europe’s largest traveller site

They have been desperately searching for supporters to help fight their eviction.

So within minutes of discovering that no less than the United Nations was backing their cause yesterday, residents of Europe’s largest illegal traveller camp triumphantly raised the organisation’s blue flag in celebration.

In an astonishing intervention, the UN  condemned plans to bulldoze the Dale Farm camp and insisted that the eviction should be suspended to protect the travellers’ human rights.

The demand came from the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, which said bailiffs should be called off until travellers are found ‘culturally appropriate alternative accommodation’.

It comes days after the High Court in Britain ruled that the camp in Crays Hill, Essex, should be demolished.

The evictions of 80 families on 52 plots are set to begin within a fortnight.

Furious homeowners living next to the camp yesterday expressed disbelief at the UN and said its move could lead to further delays in evicting the travellers.

Len Gridley, 52, whose property backs on to the site, said: ‘The UN should stop sticking their oar in. It has nothing to do with them.

It’s a planning issue, pure and simple, and if this causes another delay, which I fear it will, then they should have to pay for the costs of the eviction.’

The UN has no direct power to stop the eviction, which will cost taxpayers £18million.

Well Len, the UN DOES have a mandate to ‘stick it’s oar’ in..what I find amusing is the cry of ‘ethnic cleansing’ that the ‘travellers’ are raising…

To my knowledge, not ONE traveller has been bombed, shot, stabbed, raped by the army/police to force them out…they obviously haven’t been keeping up on events in Serbia (8,000 Bosnian Muslims were killed as well as the mass expulsion of another 25,000–30,000 Bosnian Muslims) Chechnya …

So, no UN peacekeepers will be due in as there have been no mass murders…yet…

I love the way the travellers have immediately taken shelter behind the law…the law they are breaking (and break on a regular basis).

Funny how they seem to forget that… The travellers that I have dealt with over the years have told me that they see ‘our laws’ as a weakness to be exploited. The only thing they respect is force…in the travelling community arguments are settled with fists not words…

We will see who draws first blood here… it will be them…


4 responses to “UN peacekeepers?

  1. \I’ve just got back from New York and noticed that the UN building is undergoing some renovation work, in particular the debating chamber, perhaps they could move the Dale Farm “residents” there?

  2. Have you noticed the lack of males showing themselves to the press, too many warrants outstanding i should think.
    I see rent-a-lefty have arrived as well. Saw one with a nice collection of caribiners and a climbing harness.
    Essex have a thankless task on their hands because the eviction will be by bailiffs so all and sundry will be making complaints of excessive force and the meja will be reporting only one side.
    It’s all F.U.B.A.R.

  3. If only we can get the UN to declare England “too dangerous” for these oppressed minorities – and move them to a more ‘culturally appropriate’ environment. (the south of Ireland might suit?)

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