Why so slow?

So, a Hawk jet fighter has some kind of catastrophic failure in the air at a display… The ‘plane tumbles out of control and crashes killing the pilot.

The entire Hawk fleet is grounded until a decision is made as to the cause…

RAF air crash investigators do there thing…

And… The Red Arrows are flying again WEEKS after the crash… And a report is sitting on the desk of the Air Marshall… Giving the wife and family of the pilot a chance to come to terms with the tragedy…

Now…compare that with the shooting of Mr Duggan…

The IPCC will be done when?

Are they doing anything more complicated than the air crash investigators?

Have the air crash investigators got a less responsible job?

So the officers involved in this shooting now have flip knows how long to wait wondering if they have a job or a jail cell …

How come?


4 responses to “Why so slow?

  1. The hawk fleet could have been granted some kind of temporary airworthiness certificate allowing them to fly. The full inquest won’t begin until next year. Maybe they checked the flight data recorder (black box) & can argue a case that malfunction was highly unlikely. Statistically most air crashes are caused by pilot error.

    As for the Mark Duggan case, if it’s true that he was waving an illegal handgun in the window of the taxi & there are witnesses to back this up then it seems highly unlikely that will be deemed an unlawful killing.

    Have patience & let justice run its course. Sucks but its the best we’ve got.

    Stay positive, see no evil!

  2. Either that or they found the inside of the engine coated in chopped up geese/swans/other large birds. Any jet engine will cut out after that, and if you’re doing something at low level then no matter how good a pilot you are then you’ve pretty much had it.
    It’s pretty much an unavoidable problem, so if that’s the cause then there aren’t any FOTS problems with the Hawk beyond the normal low-level risk.

  3. You dont seem to appreciate just how long hand wringing takes………..

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