Guess who is being described here…

a burglar that tried to hit an officer with a shovel as he fought to escape being arrested… (who was found guilty in May 2007 of conspiring to supply Class A drugs, was wanted for breaching the terms of his prison release).

or one of the officers trying to arrest him?


Here it is…

“Today’s sentence sends a clear message that this kind of behaviour by a public servant is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated in British society.”

Oh yes… it was the OFFICER!

And the person saying it?

Commander Spindler, the Met’s director of professional standards…

Oh what happened to the officer?

He was jailed for 18 months for kicking a drug dealer while arresting him.

I forgot that the Police CAN’T use force against DRUG DEALING SCUM…

Robust policing?



One response to “Guess who is being described here…

  1. While I totally sympathise with the stupidity of the sentence, being candid it’s very dependant upon the situation as to whether it looks like a suitable level of force.

    If the person is cuffed face down and being restrained that changes from arresting someone to delivering a beating. If he’s still struggling away spitting/biteing/punching then a kick in the chops is useful to stun/convince him to play ball.

    However, surely the message here from the judge should be; “While I may not personally agree with the actions of the officer, the answer to the arrestee’s plight is quite simply; don’t run or fight next time police come to arrest you. Endex.”

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