Britain’s dumbest criminals… part 5

Mark Rye
Mr Rye…

A chocolate “trail” led to the capture of a drunken thief, a court in Devon has been told.

Mark Rye, 29, of Fore Street, Exeter, was “off his face” when he broke into a Co-operative store in the city in May, stealing alcohol and sweets.

Devon and Cornwall Police were able to track him down by following a trail of dropped Minstrels chocolates.

Rye, who admitted burglary and drugs charges, was jailed at Exeter Crown Court for three years and nine months.

The court heard Rye stole £300 of alcohol and sweets in the raid.

Prosecutor Neil Lawson said: “The defendant left a trail of sweets – Minstrels – rather than a trail of blood.”

The court heard police found 33 wraps of drugs inside a hollow chocolate egg on Rye’s lap after the burglary.


Lol… in years gone by people often followed Minstrels around…

One look at his face can tell you all that you need to know about this member of the brain trust…

Gave me a giggle though…


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