The commission that will never take place…

More than 100 buses will be travelling across the West Midlands with messages calling for a Royal Commission into cuts to police force budgets.

Four West Midlands police federations have joined together to produce the call for the commission, which they say will protect the police service.

One federation spokesman said there would not be enough officers around to keep people safe.

The government has said there is no likelihood of a Royal Commission.


They won’t because they know what the outcome would be and…what the commission would reveal…

Serious problems with how the police are funded; how we are organised; equipped; use of IT and supported.

The problem with the commission is that the government would be bound to follow it…

That’s why they will not allow it. It is in complete opposition with their plans to reform, reduce numbers and spending on the police…

It’s a brave gesture… But it’s only that…


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