Do we have a love hate relationship with the Police?

A google search tells me that, with the current SKY TV channels, there are around 600-Police or Police-like programmes on tv…

That’s a lot eh?

Care to speculate why when there is so much media criticism?


2 responses to “Do we have a love hate relationship with the Police?

  1. Theory! they say no press is bad press, While it appears that we make good television when the rough and tumble is captured in all its cinematic glory begs the question where is the follow up coverage of the cops bored rigid with a mountain of paperwork and red tape , the countless court appearances which end with a six hour wait for the duffers to realise they haven’t got time to hear the case.Maybe we would be better served by distancing ourselves from the ‘drama’ of it all and get on with good old fashion police work where we dont necessarily recieve public attention or gratitude but a good deal of job satisfaction, all this media coverage and it seems that still our ‘image’ with the public is severley tarnished .So why stop trying to show/tell everyone how good we are and just get on with it , the media are happy we provide entertainment but they wont entertain backing us when we need them.

    • I agree… I would stop all ‘fly on the wall’ programs.

      Apart from the fact it gives intel to the villains on Police operating methods, it also gives the public an unrealistic portrayal of our job…

      Most are not representational in the same way Casualty is not representational of the average EMT…

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