It’s not all me, me, me…

I note that the ‘brain drain’ of people leaving the ‘not so United Kingdom’ is up to a million-and rising…

What COULD be the reasons?

Well when you read that the NHS pays it’s spin doctors more than it’s actual doctors; their government pays out tens of thousands to teach it’s civil servants African drums and charges people that deliberately plough a car into Police officers with assault (attempt)…

You begin to see why people with a brain that can go… go…


One response to “It’s not all me, me, me…

  1. Without revealing too much, I work in a role that involves assisting with moving highly skilled individuals from Europe into the UK and highly skilled UK people into Europe.

    Suffice to say the traffic is pretty much one-way in 80% of cases, i’ll leave it with you to guess which. Personally, i’m slowly talking my other half around to the concept of getting the hell out of this country. Kids are appearing on the horizon etc and this country is now diametrically opposed to the values which I would want instilled at their core, namely; hard work, self-respecting, discipline and responsibility.

    How on earth we can expect anything but a minority of kids to grow up with those values in this climate is beyond me.

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