If only we could wear them…

 When nurses are wearing the bright red tabards, patients have to address any concerns to care assistants, who do not have clinical qualifications. The hospital says interruptions, such as patients asking questions about toilets and meal times, stop nurses from doing their jobs properly and could lead to patients being given the wrong medication.

I arrested a chap once in the High street and true to form, he kicked off… As I rolled around the floor with him, a man walked up to me and said, ”Officer, can you please tell me where the Post Office is?”

I was so stunned I just pointed…

It’s true that on a busy ward the last thing you need when you are doing the sums that, if wrong, will cause serious injury or death, is somebody asking you about what is for dinner…

I note that the overwhelming response is negative… the attack on public sector continues…


7 responses to “If only we could wear them…

  1. Who do you speak to if in pain , have a broken leg and a full bladder , are short of breath – etc when you cant speak to the nurse.
    How do nurses in the rest of the world get by when dishing out pills ?
    The NHS nurses are aquiring a solid reputation for indifference to patient needs. This just adds to it.

    • I don’t think any nurse or doctor would ignore a genuine request for help. I have met many over the years (I lived with one for a year) and you will never find a more dedicated and underpaid profession.

      However, the assault on public sector continues.

      Newspapers have been shown to be deep in the pockets of the gov and this is a Tory gov…

      They will do what they have always done: attack the public sector to reduce spending to give to the people they really care about… Other Tories …

    • How do they get by in other countries?

      Well, firstly there are more of them. We run our hospitals will a huge shortage of clinical staff… The other thing is we have very tight controls and a fairly aggressive complaints system.

      Add that to an indifferent government that sees them all as a burden; a general lack of appreciation from the public and a unhealthy dose of ‘unrealistic expectations’ and I suspect you may be getting close to an answer…

    • John, read the ‘Nurse Anne’ blog, and you may improve your understanding of what the NHS has become. Her last posting should answer your ‘rest of the world’ question too.

  2. “I wonder if” – the Hospital will ensure that all Patients can read & understand English – and have their glasses readily available?

    [ For an additional dose of depressants, see Nursing Times (16 August)
    //’Time must be set aside for compassionate care’// Note that ‘Sir Stephen Moss’.- the new Chairman of Stafford Hospital Trust – was a working Nurse for 40 years ]

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