Wow…these tough sentences just keep coming… err…

A woman ‘systematically’ drowned her friend’s four cats in a bath while high on drink and drugs then threw their bodies into a neighbour’s garden.

Samantha Browning, 21, from West Bromwich, escaped jail for the cruel act, and so did the 17-year-old owner, who ran the bath.

The incident, which happened between January 1 and February 17 this year, only came to light when the actions were posted on a friend’s Facebook status and reported to police.

The pair were handed 18-week jail sentences, suspended for two years.

If only we could drown them eh?
Posted on FaceBook???!?!?
Threw their bodies into next doors garden???
As memory serves, a fair amount of serial killers start off with acts of animal cruelty like this…
They need to be psychologically assessed..
This was worth exactly NOTHING???

One response to “Wow…these tough sentences just keep coming… err…

  1. You are very quite right in that animal cruelty is a gateway crime to doing it on humans.

    Also, 18 week jail sentences, suspended is pathetic. Even if they were to serve them, it would be what, 6 weeks inside with the usual time off etc?

    Just as an aside, according to a bunch of FBI statistics I read a few years back though, female serial killers are very rare generally (<10 of all serial killings in the US), they very rarely exhibit the classic childhood warning behaviour markers, and the vast majority of the time (75%+) only kill people well known to them i.e. immediate family and friends. Female 'spree' killers are almost unheard of for example as the targets tend to be random.

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