The attack continues…

Pay out: Officers doing union activities mean there are 99 fewer police on the street according to figuresHundreds of police are being paid by the taxpayer to do union work rather than keep Britain safe.

Police forces and the Home Office spent an astonishing £7,290,331 on wages for full and part-time officials last year.

They include staff working for the shambolic UK Border Agency, the Identity and Passport Service and even the Criminal Records Bureau.

If the taxpayer stopped funding the perk, the money saved could put more than 300 extra policemen on the streets.

It comes at a time of strained relations between the Government and the police, who are objecting to cuts in their funding, and been criticised over handling of the riots and looting earlier this month.

Police have claimed they will be left with 16,000 fewer officers because of a shortage of funding.

Yet according to Freedom of Information requests by Tory MP Dominic Raab, they are forking out £4,801,817 on paying for union activities.

The reason we NEED full time reps is because we are somewhat abused by the SMT. We are forced into unpopular postings, bullied like any other worker in our country…

We are also subject of complex discipline codes… and often face hostility from members of the public when we are trying to do our jobs…

We need them more, than say, government expenses….


4 responses to “The attack continues…

  1. ……or ACPO types like Sir Hugh Orde.

  2. “they are forking out £4,801,817 on paying for union activities.”
    Maybe someone should point Mr Raab towards the Police Act 1919, which forbids the Police forming a Union.

  3. Another Police bashing exercise by the media. They would know that the Police aren’t allowed to form a union – instead they have the Police Federation, which acts on behalf of the Police but has only two weapons – reason and logic – to put their views forward. It was interesting that no mention was made of the newspaper unions which is really paid for by the people who buy newspapers – approximately 2pence per paper goes towards the unions funds (roughly £9.50 a year if a paper is bought every day). Multiply this by the number of copies sold each day and the money would pay for an impartial newspaper which told the truth rather than a politically slanted load of cr&p. But then, telling the truth wouldn’t sell papers would it? I used to put the pages of one newspaper in the bottom of the budgie cage but had to take it out again as it was already so full of sh&t it couldn’t take any more.

  4. Police Federation response to reporting of MP Dominic Raab’s FOI findings

    22 August 2011

    Simon Reed, Vice Chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales says;

    “The Police Federation of England and Wales was set up under statute to ensure the welfare and efficiency of the police service and is regulated by Parliament. We are not a union but a staff association for police officers, and currently we have over 138,000 members from the rank of constable to chief inspector. Lord Edmund Davies recommended that full-time Federation representatives should be introduced following the Independent Royal Commission into Policing in 1978.

    “The Police Federation represents members during grievances and welfare issues and acts as the voice of rank-and-file officers. Federation representatives deal with all modern employment issues at a local level and are able to assist forces to deal with grievances and problems before they become legalistic and expensive. Our members also fund two convalescent homes to facilitate the recovery and recuperation of injured officers. Recent newspaper articles failed to report that The Department of Trade and Innovation has estimated that the savings made through our representatives to the economy is between £476m and £1.1b. If the Federation did not exist, these kinds of costs would be borne by the tax payer.

    “Police officers are regularly involved in incidents in the course of their duty, which require legal representation, and normally this would be funded by their employer – in our case it would be the Police Authority. If this liability, currently funded through Police Federation subscriptions, was passed over to Police Authorities then it would cost them up to £10m a year.”

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