Typical British mentality…

I see that there is a call for beach safety to be increased after a chap was attacked and killed by a Tiger shark.

Whilst in no way seeking to diminish the horror and grieving that his poor wife went through, I had to shake my head as I reflected on the following sad fact:

If there is a sign posted on the beach that says: ”WARNING: SHARKS SWIM IN THIS WATER, DO NOT GO MORE THAN 3-METERS FROM THE BEACH OR MORE THAN KNEE DEPTH” don’t stop you from swimming… what would?

I must remind the gentle reader that a Tiger shark is an incredibly sophisticated predator… sharks have been swimming around since the Devonian and are pretty good at killing and eating things…

I would no more go swimming with a shark than I would, say, go camping in an area known for high concentrations of Polar bears… Another example of British, dare I say it…, arrogance?

Polar bears are the largest land carnivores and can reach 350–680 kg in weight (a Ford Ka weighs 870-ish), they are aggressive, even for bears…  coupled with the known predator ”glut of prey” behaviour (a fox will kill all of the chickens in a coup-not because it’s evil but because it’s so rare to find so much prey in one spot…) it seems to me arrogant (or being blind to the grave danger they were in) not to post an armed sentry…

Already, the bears behaviour has been put down to him having toothache!!!

It’s simple really.

We drive cars, eat pizza and take stuff to the dry cleaners… the most dangerous animal in our country is the next door but one’s Staffy….. the world is our playground… except that it is not… it’s a dangerous place and we are not often aware we are on the menu…

However, rest assured that the large predators are aware…


4 responses to “Typical British mentality…

  1. I don’t know about staffies, but badgers are (despite how they are portrayed in kids books) vicious little sods. Anything with jaws that are capable of eating hedgehogs deserves a measure of respect.

    Human beings are generally soft, helpless and presumably tasty. It’s only the tools that we have learned to make and use that stop distinctly more of us becoming the main course of something big with fangs.

    • A mate of mine was into ‘adventure holidays’ … his 0400hrs brush with a curious Lion (attracted by the sound of his
      early morning piss) cured him of that…

      After he had stopped shaking, his guide explained the Lion was obviously not interested in eating him and had
      allowed Paul to see him… ”is that some kind of, like, native wisdom?”

      “no… if a Lion wants to eat you, your tent would not stop him… and you wouldn’t see or hear him either…”

      I am told that it’s one of the signs the cops look for in a Lion kill… no blood and no signs of struggle… they
      kill with such skill…

  2. Stories like this annoy me. These animals have been here for years before us. It’s their habitat and we should respect that. Not start griping because they did what they’re designed to do.

  3. This ‘incident’ reminds me of the recent one where a group of ‘adventurous youngsters’ went into the Arctic to look at polar bears (before they all die of starvation due to Global Worrying) . . .

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