Dressing up is fun!


So what uniform does Sir Hugh (b)Orde wear exactly?

PNSI? Nope, that’s green… Hugh’s uniform is ‘in house Met tailor’ blue …

His badge says ACPO… No such force…

He made it up. He designed his OWN badge and his OWN uniform… Lol …

I worked with and old chap that did that, he used to wear non Reg black trousers; non Reg belt; non Reg blue shirt and a blue cardi…

He wore a blue uniform wooley-pully…on occasion and always (even in the summer) wore his police jacket…

I suppose ‘we are Hugh’ is telling us something we have known for years… The uniform is crap…


One response to “Dressing up is fun!

  1. Or does it tell us a little something about Hugh’s ego?

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