Business as usual… Heh

So poor Leroy James 14, was stabbed 500-metres from a Police station. No doubt we will learn he ‘dissed’ some local moron…

Another Trident victim…

I note with interest that station is closing down because of the cuts and that the DM clearly suggests we should have heard what happened and stopped it…

Just another example of my theory that the media are to blame for the majority of the negative public perception surrounding us…


5 responses to “Business as usual… Heh

  1. Clearly the lazy journalism that is the Daily Wail has no concept of how far 500 meters is and that, contrary to it’s readerships views, coppers just dont sit around the station on their arses.

  2. Normal service is resumed. In less than a month we will be back to being public enemy number one and all this goodwill will have washed away.
    Lessons will have been learned,we must move forward as a community,etc etc.

  3. thebinarysurfer

    Didn’t you know that copper are omniscient and omnipresent Shijuro?

    I did like one phrase the torygraph trotted out recently; ‘institutional impotence’, ascribed to the the upper ranks!

  4. “institutional impotence”,

    What is really sad though is that they probably regard it as a vote of confidence compared with the previously popular ‘institutionally racist’ label and a vindication of their efforts since MacPherson.

  5. About ten years ago, a friend of mine was mugged OUTSIDE the Daily Mail building. The story was picked up by the Sun and the Express – nothing at all in the Mail – what a sh&t investigative reporter they had back then.

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