Another isolated incident…

Police were this afternoon hunting for a gunman who burst into a hairdressers and shot three women.

Officers were called to the scene in Malpas Road, Newport, South Wales at 2.20pm and found one woman had been blasted in the knee and two other women had been hit in the neck and arm.

Neighbours today suspected a husband opened fire with a double-barreled shotgun on his wife in the salon – and then dropped the gun before escaping.

Supt.Programmed said ‘Incident; community; isolated; tragic; bravery of local officers; increased patrols; community; PCSO; community…”



4 responses to “Another isolated incident…

  1. Totally agree; the police need arming now (with the caveats i’m sure i’ve mentioned about training and standards etc); I feel for the coppers that had to run to that incident UNARMED again (because no doubt the ARV were busy polishing their aviators waiting for authority to deploy)…

    To put this news in context with the location though: I had the misfortune to live in Newport for work reasons for about a year (there are some very good businesses on the outskirts in the industrial parks), and was brought up a few towns over in a fortunately nicer Welsh village.

    It’s a fucking shithole of a town. Blackwood is nicer and that’s saying something! Out of it’s 115k residents, I would bet that more than 30%, hell probably close to 40% now are dole thieves, pure and simple. Anywhere a job centre pats you down and makes you go through a metal detector…

    There are no redeeming features whatsoever to the place; whereas most towns have nice bits between all the council estates, Newport has more or less become one giant one with very small nice areas and oddly a good hotel and golf course up on a nearby hill (literally a hundred feet across in most cases), with violence so bad that even the police only venture onto certain estates in the safety of numbers (to be fair to them, bricks and air rifles were regularly used at one point in the past).

    Newport itself actually has the second highest set of drug crime figures in the country, or had 1-2 years ago anyway (and had the dubious distinction of holding that record for over 3 years at that time), and was about 8/9th nationwide for violent and acquisitive crime.

    Gun crime, knife crime and most importantly drugs are a central part of the culture there. I’ve been threatened with and offered all of the above during my short time there, and I lived in one of the tiny ‘nice bits’ and stuck to it as much as possible. Malpas road is not nice but by far not the worst bit either mind you; that dubious disctinction belongs to Ringland Estate, which is a puckered sore on the anus that is Newport.

  2. Newport was my old stamping ground and I have to agree with TBS, it’s a shit hole of biblical proportions. Most major stores fled there years ago.

    Having worked in the Operational Support Division I can assure you that the balloon is well and truly up and operation “Barn Door” is in full swing with the brave lads from the ARU cutting short their gym sessions to provide more public reassurance patrols, unarmed divisional officers told to wear their ill fitting body armour and hi vis targets….erm i mean jackets at all times, and PCSO’s busy dropping leaflets everywhere (in between dealing with reports of dog poo and moaning about not having appointments).

  3. Now been found dead by his own hand in a wood apparently

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