Phew, I was getting worried!

at all of these heavy disproportionate prison stays handed out recently…

So, imagine my relief to see that a man with NO INSURANCE OR LICENCE; driving at 120-mph into ONCOMING traffic on a busy motorway; that rammed a number of police cars (they shoot you for that in the states)and then finally crashed into a stationary car-under a motorway bridge…gets-drrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-boom-boom-tish!!!



Now that’s a sentence we are used too!

Watching? Call me Dave? Watching?

Wake up call? Lol

That went off years ago, but you lot just pressed the snooze button… Like this time…


One response to “Phew, I was getting worried!

  1. The damage to cars was not considered as, despite the owners of the damaged private cars having to pay for repairs themselves (the taxpayer will pay for the Police cars), road traffic collisions are not counted in crime statistics so no boxes ticked there. The Criminal Protection Society would rather Police crime and deal with the motoring offences than investigate thousands of pounds worth of damage to cars.

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