Why people are angry with the ‘justice’ system…

A judge cut the sentence of an illegal immigrant and drug dealer yesterday to help him escape deportation.
Vincent Miller was kicked out of the UK twice but managed to return and stay for more than a decade by stealing the identities of British citizens.
Yet when the 33-year-old was sentenced, the judge said sending him home to Jamaica would be ‘devastating’ for his three children.

Judge Farook Ahmed made his decision on Miller’s case during proceedings at Inner London Crown Court yesterday, claiming if he was to be deported it would be ‘devastating’ for his children
Incredibly, he deliberately shortened the sentence Miller would have received from a year to 11 months. Criminals given 12 months face automatic deportation proceedings.
Recorder Farook Ahmed told Miller: ‘The sentence I have had in mind was 12 months, but it seems to me that it isn’t necessary for me to pass a sentence of 12 months because a sentence of 11 months will have the same effect, and it would take away the automatic triggering of deportation. I have taken into account that if you were to be deported it is bound to have a devastating effect on your three children, who I’m told are lawfully here in the UK.’

So, just to recap…

A man that is a habitual criminal, that gives nothing to the society he lives in except suffering, deals drugs, has been deported TWICE before, has returned ILLEGALLY, will not be deported because it will upset his kids??!?!?

‘Call me Dave’ has got some work on…


3 responses to “Why people are angry with the ‘justice’ system…

  1. Corrupt judge acting against the interests of justice. He should be sacked.

  2. @Tatty – perhaps we should consider Hanlon’s Razor – “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

    In THIS case, I think the ‘stupidity’ not that of the Judge, but is inherent in the current UK interpretation of Human Rights law

    • Thing is though Mj It wasn’t stupidity…it was deliberately calculated to avoid a course of events that would have been applicable in any other circumstances.

      It seems to me that judges are deliberately using the HRA to corrupt the law….it isn’t the other way around…and it certainly isn’t in the interests of an offenders children that they have a drug dealing father aided and abetted by the UK justice system.

      No other country follows the HRA as slavishly as this country. Something stinks to high heaven here. In whose interests are judges working, exactly ?

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