The REAL reasons Bratton would NEVER get a job heading the UK cops…

Well, the first and most obvious one is money.

Not his salary, that would be impressive enough… but how much money he would want to pump into the Police.

When he was gaffer of L.A.P.D. he increased the amount of officers by 5000!!! To put that into perspective, that is more than doubling the amount of officers my force has!

Then set a new training regime to bring them up to the standard he wanted…

That CANNOT work here. We have a government that is committed to REDUCING police spending by 20% or so…

With the massive drop in civilian numbers combined with the drop in officer numbers from the A19-redundancies and the freeze on recruiting (that is an effective drop in natural wastage too)… we are looking a SERIOUS DROP in Police numbers.

Remember, the departments that have NO OPERATIONAL input (diversity, training, operations and the MANY faceless officers in HQ jobs) WILL not change their numbers… they won’t be on the streets!

When the riots kicked off the Chief never gave even a moments thought to putting them into uniform and walking the beat!


He CANCELLED THE REST DAYS of the NHT and response officers!

When you do that you effectively double the force numbers…

Thing is… that seems to be the new solution… without giving a care to the knowledge the officers don’t get any time off…

Not that would bother this lot…

Going back to my first point, I love to see how much anger, upset and, dare I say, PANIC that ACPO can generate at the thought of being made redundant…


You do know, that it’s ACPO that are the enemy of Policing in this country, not the government don’t you?


3 responses to “The REAL reasons Bratton would NEVER get a job heading the UK cops…

  1. Yes, I had sussed that SOME, but not all, ACPO are the “enemy” of policing in the UK. Some of the good guys have been hounded out of their jobs, for doing their jobs, as is the perversity in this country, often driven by the “sus” guys in politics and ACPO, and a vicious media campaign.

    Mob rule, which often gors under the guise of “democracy” is not always a “wise leader”, and the wise leaders often get shouted down and smeared by the mob who wish to “rule”.

    The news reports have been clear that Dave Cameron has asked Bill Bratton to come and share his knowledge and experiences of tackling gang culture, which may be of some assistance to the government, and the police. Some of whom have stated that Dave Cameron has slapped them in the face over Bill Bratton’s appointment. They might learn something from him, if they give him a chance and listen to what he has to say on the matter. Didn’t David Copperfield speak highly of Bill Bratton in his book? Maybe the PM has been reading “Wasting Police Time”! 🙂

  2. This’ll probably get me shot down in flames, but I don’t think the police here in Britain are at all bad, by whatever standard you might want to set. Indeed they do a very effective job, and catch a hell of a lot of criminals. No, the problem here is what happens to the criminals once they’ve actually been caught.

    Too much of the time, absolutely nothing happens to them. They may end up with a fine deductedfrom their benefits at a derisory rate, or unpaid work (which many ignore completely) or a brief sentence. None of these methods seem to deter particularly effectively.

    The Singaporean method (which used to be used here, until Human Rights intervened) is to punish low-end crime with a caning. Few low-end offenders in Singapore re-offend, which tends to stop many a criminal career almost as soon as it starts off.

    The American method is to imprison criminals for long, in some cases idiotically long periods. I would honestly say that they take this to irrational extremes, but the honest fact is that many a rioter recently had remarkably long criminal records and by rights ought to have been inside for a very long time simply to give society a break from his antics.

    So, why don’t we apply a mixture of the most effective methods of punishment available worldwide, and see how this works? Punish low-end first-timers with a caning followed by a rehab course, and if this doesn’t work stick them into prison for a long stretch, with a short rehab period tacked onto the end to try to release them as vaguely sane human beings? It’ll cost us; we’ll need to pay for more prisons, and shooting the odd sacred cow (such as the drugs policy being fit for purpose) along the way wouldn’t come amiss, but at present the police are in a vicious circle of ineffectually punishing the same few morons over and over and over again.

    • This is correct…

      The people that do almost 95% of the crime on our area are a small amount of prolific offenders.

      They rarely go to prison for more than a few months because they have ‘drug issues’ and are seen as ‘victims’…

      I could bring acquisitive crime to standstill on my area by jailing 15-people for, say, 5-years?

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