Oh thank flip for that, I was worried for a moment…

On a visit to Manchester on Saturday, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg played down any dispute between the government and the police.
“There is no rift… we fully support the police 100%,” he said.
“They have done a brilliant job in really difficult circumstances. The police themselves have said they want to review what happened and look at tactics and learn lessons.”

Oh, that’s ok then. For a while you had me worried you were going to ravish my pay and conditions and make my pension worth 2/3rds of it’s former value…

Oh hang on…


One response to “Oh thank flip for that, I was worried for a moment…

  1. Boris Johnson doesn’t agree with the plans to reduce police numbers at this time, given recent events. He’s arguing the case for not doing that now, backed by the public. Dave Cameron et al cannot afford to be stubborn and stick to the plan of reducing police numbers at this time. Too hasty, I feel.

    I’m aware of their plans to enlist more specials, but could they be expected to be trained up quickly to deal with a potential repeat of the recent riots, and to put their own lives in danger, for NO PAY? It’s a big ask.

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