My fave saying…

People often ask me, ”how did it get to this?”

From coppers that were armed, on the side of the public, the enemy of the criminals to the exact opposite…

The answer is: slowly.

“a camel is a horse designed by a committee…” goes the saying…

Some of the changes have been slow but often important (Firearms being removed from front line officers for example July 1936)…

Various political pressure groups with the ear of government, politicians with their own agendas have changed what we perceive our police are for and how the police are allowed to act. This is, of course, the problem. Too many people have been allowed to input their own ideas of policing into the policy making bodies that control the police.

I believe there is now so much law and procedure surrounding our actions it is difficult to see how (baring revolution ;-)) it can be changed.

I quoted the Swedish way of stop and search to my lovely wife (blimey corrected a typo then-wide instead of wife-lifesaver…) and she said, ”oh… what do you do then?” I related how officers are obliged to:

  • introduce themselves,
  • tell the suspect sorry, innocent member of the public what station I am from;
  • tell them on what grounds I am to search them;
  • what I am looking for;
  • how I must give them a form with the above on or explain how they can get a copy of the form;
  • what to do if they want to complain etc…

She smiled, ”you are such a joker Kubake… you are joking of course… no? WTF?”

I have my own theory of what has gone wrong of course… it’s Peel.

The whole concept of Policing by consent is flawed.

Peel was a clever politician and visionary of sorts, but he was no philosopher to be sure…

You cannot have Policing by consent, because you cannot opt out…  how can you (lawfully) choose NOT to be policed? It is a simple bit of philosophy that Bob never even thought about because, I suppose, in those days, it was unthinkable.

The Swedish coppers knew this, when they conducted their stop and search they were in charge-end of… We are not. We ask nicely. Peel even goes as far as saying this is what you must do (6th principle of Peel ”Police use physical force to the extent necessary to secure observance of the law or to restore order only when the exercise of persuasion, advice, and warning is found to be insufficient”)…

This is ridiculous when you think about it… We should ask first, yes… but if we get no cooperation, we should compel.

So, there we are… We are now a camel and we will stay that way too…

Now… I must look at my bank account to see where I can squeeze another £100 out of my net salary to pay for my reduced pension…


5 responses to “My fave saying…

  1. Did Peel ever walk the beat a day in his life, did he ever come up against people who will never adhere to the rule of law, people who would prefer that no laws apply to them either through ignorance or upbringing and will try their upmost to injure or frighten anyone who attempts to assert whatever necessary control that is required in order for them to see the error of their ways.

    Reading Peels principles, it always reminds me that Ive met quite a few smt who think that way, people who have made a career making sure that if there is a job requiring putting yourself forward to do the jobs that could involve physical or emotional stress to yourself and that you know will never obtain the result that you would wish, these people have made sure they will never be at one of these jobs, knowing that a secondary advisory role is much more preferable and that the next promotion will come from this rather than being at the scene making those first hard decisions, why would they want to speak to a victim anyway, there is no benefit to themselves.

    Their high ideals are always a convenient smokescreen, one that excuses them from doing much of anything that would involve them putting themselves at personal or professional risk, Peel was only 21 when he became a politician, self preservation probably came very easily to him.

    I dealt with a particulary sad and unpleasant sudden death yesterday, at the end of it all the mother of the deceased hugged me and told me that she couldnt have coped without me being there, Im sure peel would have been proud of that.

  2. i would say attitudes to a certain extent have always been this way, the problem we have is that there are so many obstacles being placed in our path in todays society that this has had the effect of drip feeding into the populace of just how far you can push, human nature is adaptable and if you know what you can get away with to a certain extent then you can have your actions tailor made, safe in the knowledge that you are untouchable or at least in line for a big hug of social services for being disadvantaged by birth, genetics etc.

    Some of these obstacles have come from within our own ranks, from people either long since retired or still blazing through their promotions with the next great idea that just requires an extra twenty forms when one or none would have previously done, as i mentioned above these are the people who would never be within twenty feet of an angry member of the public if their life depended on it which they readily believe that it will.

    The rest comes from the politicians who wouldnt know or care what happens in the real world and are probably thankful that they have removed themselves from it.

    As for the hug, for a split second i thought mother was about to attack me, i think ive been working in a rough area for far too long, still at least i have my pension to look forward to……

  3. The police are a camel??? OMG….so that’s why you guys have the “collective hump” then…… 😉

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