Ahh… the nice Police strike again…

Police on the GMP’s Metropolitan Division have restored a 71-year old man’s garden after it was destroyed by vandals.

A treasured rose bush belonging to pensioner, Wesley Myles of Quinney Crescent in Moss Side was hacked off from his front garden on 4 July. Mr Myles who reported it to police was left devastated by the vandalism.

After hearing about the incident, kind hearted officers PC John Ward and PCSO Kenny Bellis from the Moss Side and Hulme Neighbourhood Policing Team rallied round the support of the community to transform his garden to its former beauty.

PCSO Bellis said: “When we heard about the incident we were all keen to find a way that we could bring back to life the garden we know Mr Myles is proud of. As he has mobility difficulties he likes to enjoy many an hour in his front garden tending to his flowers so to see his prized rose bush go was a devastating experience for him.

“Working together we were able to plant new flowers and provide Mr Myles with a new bench that he can sit on and admire his garden.”

To recreate the garden B&Q Ashton donated £70 of flowers, B&Q Didsbury donated a new bench valued at £30, Manchester City Council Leisure services based at Alex Park provided fresh woodchip which they delivered and PCSO Kenny provided additional flowers and a hanging basket.

Mr Myles said: “I would like to thank everyone who has helped in bringing my garden back to life and for making it look beautiful again. Special thanks go to the two officers for their kindness and willingness to put so much hard work into my garden.”

I looked hard for this story in the nationals…

It’s not there…

Stories about bent coppers abound…

This shows that there are still plenty of us that are not… and care about the people we serve…


One response to “Ahh… the nice Police strike again…

  1. A comment re. your picture of the woman holding the sign; most police are there already, it’s called Britain.

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