Britain’s (and Iraq’s) dumbest criminals nomination…

A man who failed his driving test five times got a friend to take it for him – who then failed in ‘spectacular fashion’.

Dim-witted Hadi Mohammed, 28, and Derbas Hamed, 25, cheated the test system and were both jailed after admitting the fraud.

Gloucester Crown Court heard that Hamed, a qualified driver, turned up at the test centre in the city pretending to be Mohammed.

Derbas Hamed - driving test scam
Hadi Mohammed - driving test scam
 Two thick people earlier today…

But suspicions were immediately aroused when he arrived driving his own car without ‘L’ plates and without anyone else in the vehicle.

He then took the test in Mohammed’s name and failed ‘in a spectacular fashion’, making 16 driving mistakes in the process.


Didn’t he ever hear that old chestnut about drivers learning so many bad habits after their test they would fail after a couple of years?

They got three months…


2 responses to “Britain’s (and Iraq’s) dumbest criminals nomination…

  1. This is much more common than you imagine.A weary traffic chum told me the other day he was investigating a Somalian man whom he suspected of have taken over 200 tests.(SE London)

  2. So in 3 months we can deport them back to Iraq?

    Thought not.

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