Nice to see a court whipping someone into line… err…

It was officially a massage  parlour, but the manacles and chains suggested a variety of other services were available (hardware shop?)

When fire safety officers visited (ahem, as part of official duties… yeah right…) Scarlett’s they were shocked by the potential deathtrap conditions, a court heard yesterday (did they mean that, really?)

The building included a ‘dungeon’, various restraints and dimly-lit rooms which could not be opened from the outside when locked from the inside (I should think not!!!!)

Dungeon mistress: Dawn Donaghue is paying the price for endangering her chained-up clientsDawn Donaghue is paying the price for ‘endangering’ her chained-up clients (err… isn’t that the idea?)

Yesterday single mother-of-four Dawn Donaghue, who ran Scarlett’s, was ordered to do 60 hours of unpaid work as part of a 12-month community order after she admitted breaching fire regulations.

Flip sake, give the woman a break… she has a business to run… Not my cup of tea, but WHO CARES if she chains up a few judges? err… what?

LOL… Quite the silliest story I had read for ages…


5 responses to “Nice to see a court whipping someone into line… err…

  1. Love the picture but it’s ruined my childhood memories…who knew Bungle was a deviant ? LOL

  2. I am sure that the fire service were only carrying out the annual smoke detector test.

    With the recent closure of Focus, I assume that they were just attempting to take advantage of a gap in the ironmongery market.


  3. I understand a number of her clients are having a whip round to pay her fine after which she intends going out on the lash!

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