“it’s all gone quiet over there…’

Funny how Pakistan a country quick to scream blue murder when they are over flown and terrorists killed by the US of A, have made a feeble cry of ‘we weren’t told’…

They didn’t even object to the killing-only that they weren’t told…

Funny that…

Is this why?


2 responses to ““it’s all gone quiet over there…’

  1. Lots of greased palms are now sweating…

  2. ‘S obvious, innit?

    The American government had hidden this ‘Laden-look-alike’ and removed him before he could reveal the ‘Real Osama’ had been living in luxury in USA ever since he helped organise the CIA operation (financed by international arms dealers) to fly remote-controlled planes into the WTC and provoke a profitable war.

    Either that – or -(like all US Presidents and the UK Royal family) he was one of the ruling clique of 8ft green-crocodiles-from-outer-space, had fallen out with the others, and needed to be eliminated.

    [Memo to self – get more Dryed Frog Pills]

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