Update re: those fraidy-cat Ambulance pu**ies…

Paramedics forced to leave gun victim to die after being ‘shot at’ by gangsters while trying to treat him

Gunned down: Isaiah Gardner, 21, who was nicknamed Ziggy, from Brixton, died after being shot in the head

Gunned down: Isaiah Gardner, 21, who was nicknamed Ziggy, from Brixton, died after being shot in the head

An ambulance crew treating a man who had been shot in the head had to flee after they feared they were under fire – losing vital minutes which could have saved his life.

Isaiah Gardner, 21, died from his injuries in a garden on an estate in south-west London yesterday morning.

It is thought that the paramedics may have been attacked to prevent saving his life.

The window of the ambulance was shattered and paramedics were briefly forced to leave the scene, returning only when the area was deemed safe. 

Two men were arrested last night over the killing, said police.


lol… what was that again? ‘our boys in Afghanistan take fire every day and they don’t run away’…

err… yes… but they can fire back… we can’t… neither can our Paramedics…

PS… this is not an anti-troop rant… I think anyone that shoots at our boys is plain dumb… I’ve seen them in action-and I wouldn’t want to fight them… 😉


8 responses to “Update re: those fraidy-cat Ambulance pu**ies…

  1. TheBinarySurfer

    This used to be common (don’t know if it still is) in a number of ‘trouble spots’ in major US cities; the paramedics took to wearing kevlar vests as a result. Don’t know if it’s still the case.

    Surely those two arrested would be subject to att. murder charges in addition to the actual. I personally would love to see just one week of 2 Para policing the local McScum estate. There wouldn’t be a peep out of anyone after the first night…

    Hell even a military police unit would do (if anyone’s seen them in action they’ll know what i mean; they do NOT pussyfoot around; byproduct of their usual charges being physically fit and trained combatants with access to edged weapons / firearms i’m guessing) .

  2. Actually, the police themselves have refuted this claim:

    “A source from the ambulance service said: “The paramedic who was at the scene heard a whistle-like sound going past his ear and thought he was being shot at. He was just being a bit dramatic about it.”

    A spokesman for the Met Police said: “Our enquiries suggest that they were not being shot at.””

  3. Bloody shocking. we now live in a country where 5 year old girls get shot in a shop & paramedics get shot at trying to save a life.

  4. I heard this come over the radio when it happened. It did happen but perhaps the police management don’t want it to be common knowledge what is really going on in these scummy areas???

  5. Is this perhaps the ONLY known case of the ‘Mail’ getting something right?

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