Merry Christmas all

Have a great Christmas…  From Shijuronotgeorgedixon

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17 responses to “Merry Christmas all

  1. Merry Crimbo to you too, and to all the fellow followers. But here the flock have you been? :)

  2. and the seasons blessings to you too
    may you be blessed with peace and quite and empty cells !!

  3. One Time Special

    Happy Christmas one and all, and to those still serving may you be blessed with q…. cells and be without floods.

    To those who have floods and electric cuts to cope with, Good Luck to all, thank you for you efforts and thanks to your loved ones too.
    Bless you all and All the best for 2014

  4. ex-PC Lightyear

    Happy new year all

  5. Eh?
    Ratty, I thought you and Mole were staying at Toad’s place until his new motor is delivered Barp Barp!
    But I too am in a quandry, what does ‘Ex’ mean Buzz? Have they hit you with the thirty year rule or did you go willingly?
    And is it true Woody has left Response and is now working on Norfolk’s Mountain Rescue Team.
    Happy New Year to whoever is still out there.


    Wow. I have just found this while looking up the old Gadget site. I did wonder where people went to. Good to see SP still alive and kicking. Is there any other site I can try and catch up with “the old lot” from before? And a Happy New Year to you all.

    • AAT
      Some have joined Gadget on Twatter (sorry Twitter) but it’s not for me. I find it disjointed and restricted.
      Take care

  7. By Bye Sh1tty … you dumb ass.


  8. Still Gone?

    love to have had the last word with you, Monsieur Penis.


  9. Is there anybody there?….. Knock once for Yes,…… Knock twice, for No…….

  10. Walter de la Mare


    is there any Sh1tty there? …. said the IPCC

    -said the bullying lady boss of his

    – said the people trying to get him to enroll on another finger-painting standard of science “degree”

    – said the girl at the Morrison’s canteen where he takes his misssus for a no-expense-spared slap up meal every week

    – said the immigration office at New Zealand who now belatedly realise their mistake in barring him from ever entering their country under any circumstances

    ……..said the 14 year old kids hanging around outside the chip shop who forced him out of the job once they crow-barred his ass out of that cosy call-centre … who now are tormenting him and focing him out of his teaching job

  11. (Creak………………………………………..
    Sound of heavy breathing)…………………….

  12. Greg Pinschaw

    A match? Yes! …. my ass: Shijuro’s s face.

  13. Tumbleweed SP…….just…….Tumbleweed……………

  14. Wendel the Grendel

    Bye Bye Sh1tyy Bye bye babe.

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